Friday, October 5, 2012

Nervous as a Cat: 1/13/58

A letter in my sophomore year, describing a "harrowing experience" of a meeting of the Westminster Fellowship council (apparently I was on it) with people from the National Synod about building a new student center. "We don't even bother with an organized budget and they were talking about our raising thousands of dollars. They asked searching questions aout the kind of job we were doing. It was very stimulating to say the least and I never realized how poorly we were doing."

Then some notes on how almost everyone at WF is a Sigmu Nu or pinned to a Sigma Nu. "Very nice for the Sigma Nus but I remember that last year i felt like I was invading an upper class clique." (I went to a retreat at Montreat and got to know everyone and was then feeling more comfortable.)

"I almost didn't go to this meeting, but I'm glad I did, even tho it has made me nervous as a cat." Then the kicker: "I hope in my naivete I didn't say anything tonight which sounded hypocritical or like I was saying what they expected me to say."

Already a rebel.

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