Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gluten Free Birthday

George celebrated his birthday yesterday as follows:

attended the Republican breakfast, the Lincoln Club, at the Nassau Club, where he heard the New Jersey governor's CFO speak about the budget

helped me pick up 12,000 feet of 16 millimeter film, my father's home movies, converted into 4 DVDs, with copies for my sister, from Ray Hallows of Film To Tape in Lawrenceville.

lunched with me at Chambers Walk -- hot tuna salad for him, because of his just-discovered gluten allergy

played 9 holes of golf at Princeton Country Club

We had dinner at Eno Terra, our new favorite innovative restaurant. I asked the maitre' d if they had a gluten free dessert that could have a birthday candle and the chef and our waitress Dana concocted the fruit plate above -- apple, pear, pear sorbet, blood orange, berries, and Happy Birthday written in chocolate. Superb!

A good day..

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