Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Lives Trump Second Life

A college friend, MRC, asks me if I have tried Second Life, and my answer is No No Athousandtimesno. I am afraid if I do, I won't have a First Life. Already so much of my time, as noted, is spent in front of the computer, and I want to live out my hopes and dreams in the here and now.

Which brings up the subject of the Next Life. One of my friends, an unofficial Bible student, says that Jesus didn't know Hebrew, that he spoke in Aramaic, and there are no Aramaic words for Body, Spirit, Heaven, or Hell.

So where does this leave us, with regard to an afterlife? I found myself saying, that's OK. I'm not focused on "meeting" people in heaven. It's up to me to make heaven on earth. What do you think?

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